My name is Boram Green, a full-time plant enthusiast and a private Anthurium collector based in Central Flordia with three now senior cats (Aggie, Yoggie and butters), and a dog (Finn). Of all Anthuriums, I have special love for dark leaves.

I started my plant journey back in April 2020 when COVID hit worldwide just like many other people did. I started out growing Monsteras, Philodendrons and Alocasias. To your and my surprise, Anthuriums weren't on my radar in the beginning of my plant hobby, but I started collecting one by one, and they grew on me slowly but surely. After growing different plant genera a while, I found myself in fond of Anthuriums, and I've been collecting, growing and breeding them ever since.  

My very first Anthurium breeding and seedling sales date back to 2021. I can't forget how excited I was (and still am) to go through the entire process of collecting pollen, pollinating inflorescences, being very patient until berries were ripe, planting seeds, growing them, and finally rehoming every single one of them to other plant lovers. That was an extremely rewarding and exhilarating experience for me. Ever since, I have been breeding and selling my own hybrids.

I mainly sell Anthurium seedlings that I have hybridized. I wouldn't call myself a plant shop, but a private collector who loves to share my creations with Anthurium lovers out there. I try my best to come up with and share the best possible quality plants that I can offer. I consider sending out healthy plants my top priority. Plants/seedlings should be up to my standard to be able to go out the door.  

I am very grateful that many of you have been very supportive of my creations, and have acknowledged the time and effort that go into caring for my plants and the process of making hybrids. 

Hope I can continue to offer and introduce interesting Anthurium hybrids for many years to come. 

Come join me in my plant journey on Instagram @green.hues_