Frequently Asked Questions about Growing Anthurium Seedlings


Q. I'm new to growing anthurium seedlings. Can I grow them, and do I need high humidity? 

A. As long as you can provide indirect bright sunlight/growlight, warmth and high humidity, you can certainly grow anthurium seedlings. Growing anthuriums in general requires high humidity, even more so for the seedlings. If you don't have a greenhouse or a designated plant cabinet, I would highly recommend using a prop box with a lid and a ventilation or a humidity dome to capture high humidity inside.  Without proper humidity, growth of the seedlings will slow down. 


Q. What are some grow care tips for the seedlings?

A. To grow seedlings, light, warmth and high humidity are key. The seedlings grow well either under grow lights or natural sunlight. Place your seedlings in a warm place and make sure to provide high humidity. To create a humid environment, using a prop box or a humidity dome helps. Also, don't forget to provide air circulation regularly. If the seedlings are kept too humid without proper air circulation, it will cause your growing medium/substrate to become overly wet, possibly resulting in root rot or stunted growth. Keeping your growing medium/substrate slightly moist is very important for overall seedling growth. 

If you place an order from my website, a care tip card will be enclosed in the box. Please refer to the card provided for detailed information. 


Q. What substrate do you recommend for starting out seedlings?

A. It is completely up to you. People have different preferences. I personally use sphagnum moss with some perlite mixed it in to germinate seeds and to grow little seedlings at a very young age. Also I would spray water as needed to keep the substrate slightly moist. 


Q. When do you transplant seedlings from moss to Lechuza Pon?

A. I transplant seedlings from moss to Lechuza Pon when the seedlings have at least 2 leaves with healthy root development. However, if there is no proper air circulation, they can stay wet too long, causing wilted leaves or root rot. You can wait until the seedlings have 3-4 leaves or make sure to give good air circulation, properly drying the substrate between watering, and not to keep Pon to wet for a long period of time.